Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 The Year of Prof Jones

I think we can declare the year 2009 a Year of Prof Steven Jones, and his - together Prof Harrit and others - his mighty definitive 2009 Nanothermite WTC Evidence study, as for what 9/11 Truth is concerned.
Single one most definitive most important act of the 9/11 Movement history. And yes, let's mention Ms Janette MacKinlay and her pivotal providential role!

The history, the big history of the nation, is being written, right now, by big, awesome, fearless Patriots standing for the Truth, for their country, for our common principles and our common conscience.

They never will be forgotten.

Professor Jones! .... you blew us all away, apart, into pieces, into higher orbit, with your definitive study!
How can we survive such a jolt? :]

Cheers ! The Victory is ours! The Victory is that of Truth and Justice. ... At least in America.


Additions to the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and thoughts for 2Kten |

Possible desired effects and reasons behind latest Detroit bombing attempt 12-25-09 inside operation |

Possible desired effects and reasons behind Detroit bombing 12-25-09 inside operation: To introduce new, additional police state security measures and install new equipment to further harass air travelers.

1. to remind people, to keep population in apprehension, or outright fear, of terror.
2. to get to Pres Obama, to express irritation with his policies, to be able to say - he is not "protecting Americans well enough"
3. some agencies inside political infighting. A palpable friction lately came out between Cia/Dir Panetta and National Intel Council/ Dir Blair
3. simple pretext for further conflict, as Sen Lieberman already called for preemptive strikes on Yemen
4. implied message that the next time, bomb might actually work
5. all of the above

I do think that managers in CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA responsible for this inside operation - letting known radical banned in Britain board a plane with a defective bomb - should be reassigned immediately. Any such consequences never happened after 9/11, as far as I know.

Possible desired effects and reasons behind latest Detroit bombing attempt 12-25-09 inside operation |

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cops fear 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners | The Sun |News

Failed Detroit bombing 'let it happen' job is direct consequence of not revealing the truth about 9/11 - the same forces still plotting wars they need and profit from.

The same utterly incompetent agencies on a path of confusion. 9/11 controlled demolition pretext for wars. What is the next one? Where was CIA in letting this person on board and entering USA? Let's stop world war before it starts.

If CIA FBI DHS TSA fail to body search, to prevent boarding and entering USA by to Britain known and banned terrorist, then they all need to be resign and disband. 9/11 controlled demolition inside operation pretext for wars of occupation and colonization.

Cops fear 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners | The Sun |News

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another inside job? Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport.

Another inside job? Bomber was without passport but got on the plane. Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab #detroit #bomber onto plane without passport. Suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, 'He's from Sudan and we do this all the time. man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab's lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.

The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall,.... I saw the flames,” said Haskell, who sat about seven rows behind Mutallab. “It started to spread pretty quickly. It went up the wall, all the way to ceiling.”

Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive) | Detroit News - -

125 Pilot Whales Die On New Zealand Beaches

Propaganda! Not really - it is a public knowledge that whale, dolphins beaching is caused by underwater huge blasts by US military submarines sonars - underwater radars. These massively loud underwater sounds shatter animals' inner ears, part of brains, cause bleeding, and animals are unable to navigate, even if they are pushed out to see. They die from their injuries. It is true that US military is tying to address the situation and prevent this painful killing of animals. It really is similar to standing a couple steps of distance from huge, deafening roar of rocket or a big jet.

125 Pilot Whales Die On New Zealand Beaches

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This statement of core values includes these basic principles:

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.. 25% of children in USA are on foodstamps

Maria Foscarinis: Human Rights Day--Here at Home

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Internet is the beginning of a one, unified, world brain. One processing center, a repository of all knowledge and  authority.

By now, we are connected to the net via cables, or recently, wirelessly – wi-fi,  connecting our computers to the internet – to the  servers providing the requested content.

We in turn interface - connect to the computer via keyboard, mouse, screen, and lately also via speakers, microphone and camera.

Soon, with the scientific technological progress, we – our brains - will connect directly to the internet, wirelessly, via electromagnetic waves of our brains.

Internet wireless signals will be floating all around us in the air,  our brains being able to receive, communicate with and understand a cloud of internet around us.

We in fact, will become an integral part of this electromagnetic cloud of knowledge, of processing power, therefore, we will become part of a unified one world brain.

Computers- PCs, as a periphery and an interface between the central brain – the internet – and ourselves, will not be necessary anymore, as our brains are very powerful computers themselves.

Along this huge brain processing capacity, the internet – the servers it resides on - will evolve and embrace biotechnology, processing technology based on biological, chemical, living processors.

As we will become cyborgs, so computers will diversify into human, biological forms of processes.

Travel as teleportation
We, defined as very complex programs running in a very powerful processors – brains, we will be able to travel by downloading ourselves into different containers – bodies, brains, or any other device capable of sustaining, hosting, running processes in human brain - “ourselves”.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a 90% discount

US Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount. US medical cartel monopolies are forcing lower middle class Americans to travel abroad to get medical treatment.

Imagine cartels would allow Indian, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Korean good doctors, dentists, to compete, to practice in US, for up to 90% discount. That would be a free market, not medical corporate cartel communism...

if you're in that awkward middle, where you have a little money saved, current private medical insurance cartels scheme will take it all ........ Once a cottage industry, medical tourism may be on the cusp of a big expansion as governments from India to Singapore are investing in state-of-the-art hospitals, vying for a global market.

Deloitte Consulting estimated that 560,000 U.S. residents went abroad for care in 08. The firm thinks that number will rise to 1.6 million by 2012, with patients getting discounts of up to 90 % on procedures from liver transplants to hip resurfacing.

Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount

Medical tourism: '5-star' care at a discount

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Physics911, by Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven, 9/11/2001

It is impossible that the destruction to the building could have resulted from such a bomb alone. To cause the damage pattern that occurred to the Murrah building, there would have to have been demolition charges at several supporting column bases, at locations not accessible from the street, to supplement the truck bomb damage. Indeed, a careful examination of photographs showing the collapsed column bases reveals a failure mode produced by demolition charges and not by a blast from the truck bomb. To understand what caused the damage to the Murrah Building, one needs to understand some basics about the use and nature of explosives.

Physics911, by Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven, 9/11/2001

Friday, December 11, 2009

Matt Taibbi On "Colbert Report": Wall Street Is 'One Ponzi Scheme After Another' (VIDEO)

Private monopoly market corruption manipulation. Then you have republican gas prices at $4.50 a gallon.

They know the government is going to bail them out, and they know they can do it, because they ARE the government - twice never elected republican war market corruption government of former pres Bush.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Pharma Deal Shuts Down Senate Health Care Debate

US Pharma cartel refuses to allow reimport of cheaper drugs from Canada ?!, shuts down healthcare debate in Congress. It's all about money for private healthcare pharma monopolies­..

Free market is to screw up prices by cartels?? Be it medicines, be it oil. This republican private market corruption fraud has to stop. America is held hostage by it.

DARN communist Canadian doctors! they do not want to steal they people blind, deny them healthcare ??! - socialists
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts | LiveScience

Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts, from brain activity. Would you post your thoughts on Youtube? Also pulling an image out of a person's brain is a feat that is hard to believe.

Our world as we know it might change significantly, soon and rather quickly

Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts | LiveScience:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed | LiveScience

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed. The lack of genetic diversity among humans alive today suggests that humans came very close to extinction after massive volcanic eruption 73 000 years ago killed off much of central India's forests, released 800 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere that blanketed the skies and blocked out sunlight for six years.

Global temperatures dropped by 16 degrees centigrade (28 degrees Fahrenheit) and life on Earth plunged deeper into an ice age that lasted around 1,800 years.

disaster may have forced the ancestors of modern humans to adopt new cooperative strategies for survival that eventually permitted them to replace Neanderthals and other archaic human species. some suspect another supervolcanic eruption will eventually take place.

Though not expected to occur anytime soon, a Yellowstone eruption could coat half the United States in a layer of ash up to 3 feet (1 meter) deep.

Ancient Volcano's Devastating Effects Confirmed | LiveScience

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ohio man pleads insanity in 11 deaths

Ohio man Sowell murdered 11 women. THIS is how you create mass killers - he was sentenced to 15 YEARS in prison for ATTEMPTED rape.

CRAZY, creepy medieval injustice.

It is going on all the time. Attempted sex is worse than murder. But violent attempts should be punished. NOT by 15 years.... and he was required to register as offender for the rest of his life - not even killers have to do that...

Sex is soo scary bad in a puritan, religion crazy, militaristic society.

Ohio man pleads insanity in 11 deaths -

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RoohIt: Instant Web Highlighter. Highlight any part of any web page. No Registration, No Download, Fast & Free Instant Web Highlighter! Share, blog, embed, email any part of any web page JUST by highlighting it !! Use bookmarklet button or type in front of the page address

RoohIt: Instant Web Highlighter. Highlight any part of any web page. No Registration, No Download, Fast & Free

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Plan: 30,000 Troops, Marines To Be First Wave

yes, we need a colony war tax - on those who

1. agree with a colonial Afghan war

2. make more than 1 million a year.
About Afghanistan
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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society |

Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society. Number of US citizens without healthcare grew to a record 46.3 million in 08.

Lack of health Insurance has caused 45,000 preventable U.S. citizen deaths in 08.

17,000 children have died due to lack of healthcare.

2,266 US Veterans have died in 2008 due to lack of insurance.

The 50 million now uninsured and the 45,000 preventable deaths per year statistics are expected to drastically rise over the next few years.

9/11 is controlled demolition.

Never before has the United States had so many citizens with so little means, little to no income and heavy debt. TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PUBLIC WEALTH HAS BEEN STOLEN!
We have just witnessed the greatest theft of wealth in history,

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society | "Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society"

Alyssa Bustamante, Slaying Suspect, Said Hobby Was 'Killing People'

puritanic / war societies mindlessly or needlessly suppress erotica and sex, and punish them with creepy medieval 10s of years in prison - in fact, more than for violence - thus creating violent tendencies.

but this is just one part of it. another would be losing freedoms, like press, speech, ability to walk in the evening through town or a parking lot without fear of being assaulted.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alyssa Bustamante, Slaying Suspect, Said Hobby Was 'Killing People'

Where did we as a society go wrong? - Violence everywhere. A culture of violence. violence as "entertainment" - look at all these sick movies they are producing every week. why? for profit ...look at video-games - sick, violent, criminal celebration. why? to make a profit. ..


wars of conquest.

religious rigidity, forceful puritanism, commercialism permeating everything.

no civic values.

unavailability of healthcare - thus treating people if they weren't human beings.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Health Care for All Americans

But of course! .. Yes Sir. ... Agree, definitely. ... If one whole world, developed nations, on this planet Earth, "can pull off a single payer" non-fraud national healthcare system, America can do it too, and will do it better than the rest of the world!

We do need Universal Single Payer Public-Private National Healthcare System. As a human right, as a best investment for the strength of the country and its competitiveness, as a crime epidemic prevention and abatement.

We need it NOW.

1. Stop payments via employers, or more exactly, redirect them to a Single Payer agency. This agency will be non-profit. Doctors, of course, will be for profit, but not a fraudulent overcharge extortion scheme as there is now.

2. Extend Medicare to all.

That was its original purpose too. Abolish Veterans Administration Healthcare System.

3. Everybody will be covered, and everybody will pay something. At all the times. NO preexisting condition corruption service denial. Private add-on plans will coexist.

The costs of this reform will be $0.00, the savings realized will accumulate huge.

resources: -

NO more 20 cents a dollar to a bureaucracy, no to 10-20% yearly cost increases, NO to criminal service denial when one needs it - when existing condition calls for medical attention.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

McCaskill Opposes Adding Stupak Amendment To Senate Bill

No public $$ for abortions? What does that mean? That only rich republicans can have abortions?

And we cannot talk about "abortions" only as such, because there are 2 very different types -

1. abortion medically necessary -rape, incest, threat to health or life of woman

In this case, federal $$ SHOULD be used, and abortion should be mandatory by law

2. abortion per decision

here this should be legal, in early stages, but discouraged. it is practically non issue, as there should be day-after pill - for having WANTED children, not unwanted
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Heathcare is a human right. We need Universal single payer public private healthcare system. Just as the rest of civilized developed world.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25:

(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

To deny a healthcare, thus causing a death of 40 000 Americans a year for the sake of bigger profits of corporations that raise costs of "insurance" 10-20% a year to me is CRIMINAL, UNWISE, WRONG, SINFUL, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, FASCIST and untenable.

It can be argued that US Constitution, by saying "unalienable right to pursue happiness", covers the right to health care also.

WHY NOT then deny health care to rich robber barons, to CEOs of insurance companies? Why to people who's jobs have been exported to China?

EVERY developed nation on this Earth - in fact, every, period, has a national, public-private healthcare single payer system.

More info at - -
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Abortion Divides House Democrats In Health Care Debate

NO to forced pregnancy! No to rape. No to crazed religious right-wing republican fanatic males telling women what do to in their private matters.

In case of rape, no pregnancy should be allowed by law, automatic remedy of this crime must be required by law.

Exception might be if a raped woman requests for some reason that she wants a crime product - pregnancy -to go forward.

Women must be persuaded into unwanted pregnancy, but never forced.

Persuasion might be to guarantee the healthcare, income and position after the birth, financial participation by the male father, financial wellbeing.

If it is welfare father involved, state will step in and pay on behalf of this welfare male. -
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now

Very Good! Very necessary! Let's do it, and keep doing it. Here is some additional points from my program:

1. Institute runoff presidential elections. and VOTE, for Dem or third party, preferably.

2. Cut military budget of $1 trillion a year - (plus additional money for occupation wars - - by 50% immediately.

3. Break up big oil companies, to what they were before recent monopolizing consolidation.

4. Break up big bailout banks to smaller, accountable, well regulated units.

5. Break up media corporations monopoly over TV and press.

5. Mandatory reinvesting of part of globalized corporations profits, lets say 75%, in America.

6. Mandatory space - 15% - of front page of all larger newspapers reserved for government communications. The same time - 15% - in TV stations.

7. Prohibit excessive, unbalanced(all about criminal, nothing about victims), violence glorifying crime overreporting. Regulate amount of ads.

8. Institute a range of salary for all companies, where the top salary cannot be higher than 100 times the lowest salary.

10. Raise minimum wage to $10 initially, with automatic inflation adjustments, for all but small businesses. This will help alleviate constant crime epidemic.

Petr Buben
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Bean Amendment Beaten Back (For Now), A Blow To Wall Street

The title of this post is misleading -it should be - "The corrupt bailout Wall Street players keep fighting the regulations so that they can continue doing their bubbles, fraud, keep getting tax bailouts, etc."

Bravo and thanks to Rep. Melissa Bean for fighting for America, for taxpayers, for fair business environment!

No more too-big-to-fail banks corrupt bankrupt frauds!

As Jerry Brown, California AG said here in his blog, this STATES' ABILITY to pass stricter bank regulations than what federal lobbyists can buy/corrupt from federal Congress, is CRUCIAL fr stopping future mega crises of financial and other industries, requiring mega bailouts of people's tax money.

No to "federal preemption" deceit.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Germans seek to oust Czech president Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty

Brussels furious diplomats were calling for his impeachment and even his country’s expulsion from the European Union because of his obstinate refusal to sign the Lisbon treaty. Klaus, now the only European leader holding out against ratifying the document, made it clear he did not give a damn.

European leaders were told he was not available to take their calls.

Germans seek to oust Czech president Vaclav Klaus over EU treaty

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As Economy Crashed, Banks Made A Killing On Overdraft Fees


DO NOT BANK WITH ----> Bank of America OR ----> Citi, or other big banks or insurance companies!

Bank with small local institutions.

Perhaps leave a small amount, so that you can have it always available via numerous big banks atm's. But that is it.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

Uninsured And Sick, Student Begged For His Life

Extend Medicare to everybody. Stop payments through employers. Cost of reform? - $0.00 ..... stop current private fraud system.

Yes, it is a basic human right of everybody to have medical care available. The situation described in the article is completely unacceptable. Practically criminal.

info: - -
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neiwert: Right-wing hate worse than when Clinton was president

Right-wing hate worse than during Clinton presidency. ~But we have 9/11 controlled demolition now. 

My comment : 
It is true extreme right wing activity - conspiracy to subvert democratically elected president is alive, virulent, and getting racist and desperate. 
It is true that military, with their $1 trillion + a year budget, plus Cia etc hold enormous power.  

But today, we have 9/11 controlled demolition attacks conclusive evidence - so they better hurry to stir up something.  

Definitely, right wing conspirators tried to silence, to disable, democratically elected and popular American President Clinton. ........  

It's these methods they resort to, when votes do not get them elected - scandals, lawsuits, propaganda, personal attacks. This way, needed healthcare reform was sabotaged during Pres Clinton years. - - ... ............  

What else have we gotten from vast right wing conspiracy? .........  
9/11 controlled demolition attacks as pretext for wrong, very expensive, unnecessary wars, twice never lawfully elected administration, corrupted market $4.50 a gallon gas, totally bankrupted, collapsed financial and mortgage system. - ............  

Industries, jobs exported abroad, extreme deficits, unemployment, economy on the brink of a depression. ..........

Neiwert: Right-wing hate worse than when Clinton was president | Raw Story

Friday, September 25, 2009

Spanking Kids: IQ Lower For Children Who Were Spanked: Study (VIDEO)

yes, spanked kids have lower IQ, but not because of spanking - that actually helps them learn, behave better, if words or verbal insistence will not work. ..then, a well meant educational spank is good and needed.

kids with lower IQ need spanking, because nothing else works to correct misbehavior. ..... if we abandon children, not spank when "they are asking for it", abandon kids as a society in child abuse poverty and hunger , we will have a generation of hooligans and criminals growing up. ... spoiled brats who think they can do whatever they want.

attention deficit disorder - hyperactivity is a DIRECT result of CHILD ABANDONMENT by not caring by not spanking when necessary ... and of violent TV, and numerous TV ads, which kill attention focus.

all clear fact.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

US spends $7,290 per person, ends up in 37th place by quality. France spends half, $3,601 and they are number one.

Same with Canada. Their Universal public system spends 53% of US, but they have better results.

Robert Creamer: Don't Americans Deserve a Health Care System as Good as the One In France?:

And "the War in Iraq was a huge mistake".

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny technologies could produce big energy solutions -

Nanotechnology - end of the old world as we know it. Harnessing the energy of body's natural movements to power small devices.

Even finger bending could power small device. Heartbeat to power medical body monitors.

Nanogenerators to harvest energy from any mechanical movement. Self-assembling, batteries from genetically engineered viruses. Flexible solar cell generators in the fabrics. Spray-on batteries.

Tiny technologies could produce big energy solutions -

Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 11th, 2009 – 9/11 Controlled Demolition, Remembering, Questioning, Challenging - Continuity of Government |

Wonderful article by Carol Brouillet, year 2009 9/11 great defining events, Oakland Film Festival 2009. Remembering, Questioning, Challenging - Continuity of Government. 9/11 controlled demolition. Per irrefutable scientific evidence. Vicepresident, Legislators served with the nanothermite explosive evidence. Important 9/11 links.

My comment:

Thank you Carol for such a wonderful summary article on 9/11 Truth Great Patriotic Peace Movement, on it's big change, big, defining events year of 2009, and on 9/11 Truth Oakland Film Festival 9/11 2009. Good pointing out the biggest events of 2009 - Irrefutable evidence of nanothermite, appearances on official mainstream TVs of Messieurs Richard Gage, Prof Dr Steven Jones, David Griffin, TVs of Fox Fresno, Russian TV, and namely Denver Public Channel. Also appearances by our friend Prof Harrit on Danish TV-2. I think what should be mentioned here also is an important fact of serving US elected officials with the Movement Defining Paper of 2009 Controlled Demolition Nanothermite Report by Prof Harrit, Dr. Jones and the team. Served were many Legislators, but also VicePresident Joseph Biden, Whitehouse press secretary, and others. See mainly Now it is a civic and law duty of all served, and all who know, to call for, or initiate, an investigation, lest verging on dereliction of duty, of conscience, of both, or even worse. The language of law for a treason commission is quite clear. On Van Jones, I think it is good it has been revealed he sign a call for new 9/11 investigation in 2004. He himself resigned, citing the cause of not being a distraction to a democratically elected president Obama. He is man and can take nicely any critique from the right with propagandists. Let's welcome Van into more active role for 9/11 Truth Movement. I do not think "hit" pieces in official media can hurt or reproach our movement one bit. Those are regime propagandists, indicting themselves with their lies and silly attempts to cover the truth, crawling on their knees in front of our Movement, in front of scientifically irrefutable truth. I think, lastly, that 2009 was a year the movement appeared on Twitter blog, to inform each other of what is going on. See - - - - - - , to name a few. ... A summary channel is I wish the 9/11 Great Patriotic Movement more great achievements in guarding the truth and peace in years to come ! :] - ..... -

September 11th, 2009 – Remembering, Questioning, Challenging - Continuity of Government |

Friday, September 18, 2009

Air Force Shoots Down Runaway Drone Over Afghanistan | Popular Science

Air Force Shoots Down Runaway Drone Over Afghanistan | Popular Science:

"typically engaged in hunter-killer missions over Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by targeting enemies on the ground with Hellfire missiles."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of insurance | Health | Reuters

Medical fascism - killing poor people for profits of big insurance companies. Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of insurance. One person is killed every 12 minutes so that private insurance companies can make better profits. WE are losing more Americans every day than drunk driving and homicides combined. Roughly 46.3 million people in the United States lacked coverage in 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week, up from 45.7 million in 2007

Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of insurance

U.S. scraps missile defense shield plans

NO TO WAR ! Thank you, Mr. President Obama! No missile shield costly war preparations in Europe. Now Russia will not deploy it's missiles in Kaliningrad either. Stop the mad expensive wrong republican right wing war empire war games, war preparations, war colonial aggressions! PEACE! If it goes like this, Russia may not deploy missiles in Venezuela

U.S. scraps missile defense shield plans -

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Banks that didn't take governemnt bailout TARP are in better shape than peers

Banks that didn't take government bailout billions - take your money there. No to AIG, Citi or Bank of America.,
54 public banks refused gov bailout TARP money.

AIG became a ward of the state.
People now own a third of Citigroup.
Bank of America received $45 billion in funding.

BANK WITH Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK),
People' United Financial (PBCT)
Commerce Bancshares (CBSH),
BOK Financial (BOKF) and
NY Community Bancorp (NYB)

Shares of the 54 banks that didn't want a bailout are, on average, down just 16% since last September. That's compared to a 30% drop for the KBW Bank Index and 36% plunge for the S&P Regional Bank Index..

Banks that didn't take TARP are in better shape than peers - Sep. 11, 2009

Banks that didn't take TARP are in better shape than peers - Sep. 11, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs: Uranium, Mercury and Diabetes.

Adult obesity rates in Britain have quadrupled in 25 years. Forget Cancer, forget AIDS, Diabetes is fast becoming the king of all chronic disease which is decimating the human race. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta declares that 33% of the babies born this year will be diabetic by the year 2050

The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta declares that 33% of the babies born this year will be diabetic by the year 2050. ......

connection between depleted uranium (DU) and diabetes ...........

Depleted (DU) uranium, used in wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, is highly toxic to humans, both chemically as a heavy metal and radiological as an alpha particle emitter, is very dangerous when taken internally

DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs: Uranium, Mercury and Diabetes:

Friday, September 11, 2009

The whole world outside US and many of us inside US immediately assumed the 9/11 Inside Job was perpetrated by US capitalist war class.

To promote war and fascism and colonial wars of aggression so as to maximize profits of the ruling capitalist war class.

9/11 Inside Job 8 year anniversary : Indybay

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors, Says New Report. Great underestimation of brain tumor risks.

- There is a risk of brain tumors from cellphone use;
- Telecom funded studies underestimate the risk of brain tumors, and;
- Children have larger risks than adults for brain tumors.

This report, sent to government leaders and media today, details eleven design flaws of the 13-country, Telecom-funded Interphone study

The Interphone study, begun in 1999, was intended to determine the risks of brain tumors, but its full publication has been held up for years.

Components of this study published to date reveal what the authors call a 'systemic-skew', greatly underestimating brain tumor risk.

The cardinal design flaws include
--categorizing subjects who used portable phones (which emit the same microwave radiation as cellphones,) as 'unexposed';
--exclusion of many types of brain tumors;
--exclusion of people who had died, or were too ill to be interviewed, as a consequence of their brain tumor;
--and exclusion of children and young adults, who are more vulnerable.

Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors, Says New Report By International EMF Collaborative

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Should Obama Be Reading On The Vineyard?

Recommended reading for Mr. President Obama : 9/11 Nano-thermite in the 9/11 WTC Dust Controlled Demolition Report. -

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Common Sense 2009, Larry Flynt. one day strike. Let's reclaim the governement from corporations.

Mr. Larry!

Excellent post! Let's set a date for a one day national strike - ok !

Now what to do ...

1. Set up your website, organize community. I can do this for you too.

2. Apart from one day strike, lets organize -

A. Do not bank at the biggest bailout mega bonus fraud banks!
Do you, Larry? .. Where is your money? Put it in small, regional, independent American banks. Everybody, let's do this.

B.Let's vote third party. Ron Paul, or others.

C. Let's not buy from bailed out companies - GM, for example, until they become proAmerican.

D. Let's force our government to invest, to support America.

E. Let's pass Universal Healthcare single payer public private system. The least expensive.

F. How is your position on 9/11 Controlled demolition? - - http://911­­m -

Petr Buben

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Monday, August 24, 2009

We need a contemporary insurrection to reclaim our democracy, our freedom and our country.

We must challenge corporations and take back what is rightfully ours.

The second American Revolution. Let’s declare our independence from corporate rule!

Decades of deregulation and laissez-faire capitalist ideology have allowed corporations to steer the world's political, economic, environmental and cultural agendas.

A corporation is not a person.

It’s an organizational structure that has no morality and feels no remorse.

Yet the modern corporation enjoys the same rights as you or I: free speech, the ability to own property, the right to lobby government officials and protection against self-incrimination

Citizen or Consumer? | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm calling for a national strike, one designed to close the country down for a day.

Bravo! Larry Flint for President !

Let's organize general strike. ....

Let's vote parties other than establishment - third parties.

Do not buy GM, or bank at bail out banker welfare corporate thieves!

9/11 is a controlled demolition.

Let's cut defense budget by 30% at the least.

I'm calling for a national strike, one designed to close the country down for a day - Larry Flynt.

The intent? Real campaign-finance reform and strong restrictions on lobbying. Because nothing will change until we take corporate money out of politics. Nothing will improve until our politicians are once again answerable to their constituents, not the rich and powerful.

Let's set a date. No one goes to work. No one buys anything. And if that isn't effective -- if the politicians ignore us -- we do it again. And again. And again.

The real war is not between the left and the right. It is between the average American and the ruling class. If we come together on this single issue, everything else will resolve itself. It's time we took back our government from those who would make us their slaves.

Larry Flynt: Common Sense 2009

The American government -- which we once called our government -- has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich.

They are the ones who decide our fate.
It is this group of powerful elites, the people President Franklin D. Roosevelt called "economic royalists," who choose our elected officials -- indeed, our very form of government.

Both Democrats and Republicans dance to the tune of their corporate masters.

In America, corporations do not control the government. In America, corporations are the government

This was never more obvious than with the Wall Street bailout, whereby the very corporations that caused the collapse of our economy were rewarded with taxpayer dollars.

So arrogant, so smug were they that, without a moment's hesitation, they took our money -- yours and mine -- to pay their executives multimillion-dollar bonuses, something they continue doing to this very day.

They have no shame.

They don't care what you and I think about them.

Henry Kissinger refers to us as "useless eaters."

~let's vote third parties ... anybody but establishment ...
and 9/11 is a controlled demolition

-excellent article !! :]

my comment:
Mr. Larry!

Excellent post! Let's set a date - ok !

Now what to do ...

1. Set up your website, organize community. I can do this for you too.
2. Apart from one day strike, lets organize -

A. Do not bank at the biggest bailout mega bonus fraud banks!
Do you, Larry? .. Where is your money? Put it in small, regional, independent American banks. Everybody, let's do this.

B.Let's vote third party. Ron Paul, or others.

C. Let's not buy from bailed out companies - GM, for example, until they become proAmerican.

D. Let's force our government to invest, to support America.

E. Let's pass Universal Healthcare single payer public private system. The least expensive.

F. How is your position on 9/11 Controlled demolition? - - http://911 m -

The digg link at the top of this article is not working ....

Petr Buben

Larry Flynt: Common Sense 2009

Comment: "9/11 Truthers Lament Bob Novak: First to Call Terrorist Attacks “an Inside Job”, Claimed Israel Behind Attacks". 9/11 controlled demolition

Good morning Debbie, thanks for calling me a "nutjob fan", inserting your remark directly into my comment. :]

However, let me clear my position on Robert Novak, who sadly perished lately of brain cancer, which led me to consider, how much of an influence years of intensive cellphone usage might have on brain cancer development, and lets mention Senator Kennedy and the same condition.

I do want to clarify that 9/11 Truth movement might be partly wrong on assessing what Bob Novak meant by "inside job". He meant "Arab terrorists" must have had, knowingly, some "inside connection", if they managed to hijack 4 airliners, none of which were intercepted, as it was on a day when all but 1 North American Air Defense fighter jets were "out of the area", participating in an exercise "to train for the event of airplanes being flown into buildings", to quote.

He meant "Arab terrorists" must have had - knowingly - a well placed accomplice, to be able to pull this off.

As nanotermite high military explosive was found all over the place, and as TV footage and pictures suggest without doubt, that 9/11 is a controlled demolition attack event, pulverization implosion of 2 towers, both falling somehow exactly same way, with a speed close to free fall, 10 floors per second disappeared in front of our eyes.

That is totally impossible to explain other than as explosive driven controlled demolition. Per irrefutable scientific evidence, and per common sense of impartial observers - those you call nutjobs, as they defy your ideology, and would, and will, redefine your political allegiance to whatever your Republican government tells you is true, nomatter if it defied the laws of nature, physics and common sense.

Brainwashed complacency and dedication to war nationalistic pride is a tough nut to crack. :].

It happened yes exactly to Germans, mass admiring Hitler, after he too burned down Reichstag, German parliament, to be able to accuse his enemies, to institute more police regime state, to go to war.

So, Bob Novak did NOT mean that "Arab terrorist" will have had, UNknowingly, "an inside connection", an entity who knew, who not only let it happen, but who made it happen - a false flag Reichstag fire inside job pretext of war self inflicted wound type of operation, to rally the nation to war.

They made it happen good.

Have you noticed? :]

Thank you,
Petr Buben -

9/11 Truthers Lament Bob Novak: First to Call Terrorist Attacks “an Inside Job”, Claimed Israel Behind Attacks

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Artificial life will be created 'within months' as genome expert Craig Ventner claims vital breakthrough.

The first artificial - synthetic- lifeform is likely to be a simple man-made bacterium that proves that the technology can work

Researchers successfully transferred the DNA of one type of bacteria into a yeast cell, modified it and then transferred it into another bacterial cell. The pioneering 'gene swap' was performed on a simple species of bacteria called Mycoplasma mycoide

The team successfully transplanted the genome of one bacteria into another for the first time in 2007. They then created the first entirely man-made genome. But previous attempts to introduce the synthetic genome into another organism and take control of the new bacteria all failed

Life to order: Man-made organisms will be here in four months, say biologists | Mail Online

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The speech that got John F. Kennedy Killed

President Eisenhower warns of the military industrial complex. "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence,

"The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exits, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted.

Only an alert and knowlledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial military missionary of defense with our peaceful methods and voters. So that security and liberty may prosper together.

Jan 17, 1961

Monday, August 17, 2009

Help Us Pick the HuffPost Game Changers: 100 People Who Are Using New Media to Change the World

Nominees for Game Changers in Using New Media


1. President Obama - he is on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, works with, and Listens to American public.

2. Arianna Huffington -,

Smart, innovative, cutting edge news blog, .... truthful, entertaining news.

2. American Internet Public on line. Let's have single issues binding or advisory internet polls, or indeed voting, every ... so often .... it's the internet era

3. 9/11 Truth Movement. For untiring push to reveal the shocking truth about controlled demolition., http://911­­m,


Facebook. The biggest. The world social communication empire.

Twitter. The new tool - microblogging.

Friendfeed. The aggregator. The smartest, most comprehensive feature set collection.

"The Best Site Nobody Uses." :] - - Universal Single Payer Reform. We need.


Maybe you should soon put out polls, with preselected options, and write ins too. ...

And set up standing polls, approval ratings. Be it single issues, be it personalities.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

US War of Aggression against Iraq - a Genocide of a Nation. Over 1.2 mil Iraqis dead. 2.5 mil children orphaned. Cost, $180 bill a year.

Long term cost, over $3 trillion.

Adjusted for inflation, this is now the 2. most costly war in US history. Tens of billions of US tax money disappeared without effective oversight or prosecution

800 000 children are displaced and without access to clean water ...

2.8 million displaced Iraqis within Iraq .... over 2 million fled the country, 7.7% of population, many most desperate using girls and women for prostituion - a fate of conquered nations ...

hell on earth - the unemployment in Iraq is 60-70%. ......

Getting clean water is a daily struggle, and sanitation is a nightmare with 250 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into the water system daily ......

Over 4,100 American troops have been killed in the War on Terror, with over 30,000 wounded, as of mid-July, 2008 .....

Tales of starvation, ruined cities, concentration camps, mass deportations, homeless refugees, persecuted Jews — all this is received with a sort of incurious surprise, as though such things had never been heard of but at the same time were not particularly interesting. ....

Attack, occupation and colonization of Iraq is the biggest crime since the World War II. .....

9/11 is a controlled demolition.

Petr Buben - FriendFeed

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Riga plans crackdown on British stag parties with tourist police -Times Online

UK Stag parties - fun, drinking, hired girls - targeted in Riga, Latvia. Problem is constant urinating on a national monument.

Latvia’s then Interior Minister, Mareks Seglins, lashed out at “English pigs” for being a “dirty, hoggish people”

Party Weekends, advertises the attractions of Riga as “hovercrafts, Kalashnikov rifle shooting, freefall flight simulator, limos with strippers and your very own private pool party with a couple of Latvian lovelies”

Riga is among a select band of central and eastern European capitals blighted by British stag parties, including Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Tallinn

After the Eastern Europe was conqeured by the West, all the inexpensive benefits became available.

All the beautiful, educated, cultured women, born and raised in socialism, has suddenly lost jobs in an economic disaster brought on too quick shock reforms, and many became dependent on prostitution.

Riga plans crackdown on British stag parties with tourist police -Times Online:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Top Ten Best National Parks You Don't Know About

Top Ten Best National Parks You Don't Know About

National Parks USA -

9/11 WTC is a controlled demolition - per irrefutable scientific evidence -

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events in Weeks Before 9/11

9/11 controlled demolition

Friday, July 31, 2009

Health Care Deal Reached In House: Waxman

Comment on an article.
To exclude from insurance people who need it, aka ill people, with preexisting conditions, or poor, equals to me to medical fascism, to discriminative physical elimination of a segment of population.

This should not be allowed, and is clearly violation of human rights and common morality.

It is very important to seize this moment for a real reform, the $0 cost Universal Single payer public-private national healthcare system. There is no Whitewater made up scandal to topple the American President, to stop this reform now.

1. Extend Medicare to everybody. Eliminate all tens of other government health sytems, like Veterans.

2. Redirect payments through employers to a single payer system. Stop employment based healthcare.

3. Supervise medical and pharma monopolies, to prevent outrageous price raises of 10-20% a year.

Apart from the choice of doctors , and parallel existence of any private plans:

1. Everybody must be covered, for the sake of equality, human rights, justice, and lowest costs.

2. Everybody will participate in this national plan.

3. Everybody will contribute, according to their means.

There is no other way to make it work.

This is all very easy, let's just do it.

Enough of 20% costs off $1 of healthcare costs to private insurance bureaucracies.

Enough of insure only healthy, and drop the poor, drop the sick, just to make profits!

Petr Buben - -
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Zapruder Film. Oliver Stone: JFK assassinated by elements in military and intelligence.

Mr. Oliver, Sir,
you state : "Elements of the military-intelligence community planned and carried out JFK assassination", and : " To a large extent, the fate of our country and the future of the planet continue to be controlled by the same shadowy forces, The Unspeakable."

Are you aware of a new conclusive evidence of a presence of high explosive nano-thermite in the pyroclastic dust of pulverized towers WTC on 9/11/01?

Would you speak out now about the 9/11 Truth, about WTC controlled demolition attacks?
Because, it may very well be, that the unspeakable are going to lose their voice. ..... unlikely? .. yes, I know.
Unlikely unless we speak up.

Thank you,
Petr Buben

Would you also comment on the assassination of JFK's brother Robert Kennedy?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Global Warming? Global temperature OSCILLATIONS. It will always happen. The Earth is a dynamic system.

There ALWAYS have been climate TEMPERATURE OSCILLATIONS on the Earth, and there always WILL BE ! ..

The MAIN factor is the intensity of the SUNSHINE... Are anthropogenic greenhouse gases contributing? Yes. Somewhat. BUT The Earth is a DYNAMIC system, it will find an answer, a new equilibrium, and it always DID...That is why Europe will experience cooling off. ..

The present climate temperature oscillations are quite normal, the period is rather cool .. NOW, or would you rather want global cooling, or freezing?? ... UPtick oscillation in global temperatures will cause TREMENDOUS amounts of so far uninhabitable land, mainly Canada and Russia, and pole regions, to be HABITABLE. ..

That will bring HUGE amounts of WEALTH, of minerals, of oil, of new living space, to humankind hopefully .... A Sibiera(c)(tm), a Canadiera(c)(tm) .. yes, a Riviera on the North ....... it'l benefit Friendfeed, and it'l benefit the humankind too ....

Is green energy desirable? YES, Definitely ..... - see HOW EASY it would be to cover WORLD energy needs by green renewable sources .. :]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Poll NYTimes/CBS : 72% of Americans want public universal health care system, a real reform

Republicans, and health monopolies, resist, as always. Premiums for health insurance go up every year 10-20%.

The cost of reform would be $0, taxes and all - $0 - it'd be actually cheaper for all .....
A chilling reading - over 60% of all US bankruptcies attributable to medical problems - a compelling evidence that the US health care system is broken -

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

medical care ripoff

Medical monopoly health bureaucracies are ripping off America - premiums "are rising 10-20% a year" . Solution - universal health care system - government supervised private enterprise - just like the rest of the world
why are premiums not falling, actually? .. because health bureaucracies are ruling, paying the government to steal on premiums ....not so with pres Obama, though ...... if this was a free market, prices might actually go down also......
"co-pays and deductibles go up, and you feel it in your paycheck - rising employer premiums are leaving less money for salaries. Medicare is on its way to financial disaster within a decade. And 46 million Americans are without health insurance."
...for one, allow competition - foreign doctors treatment, Mexican, Indian, whoever will care to come.... dentists, eye doctors - in all but the most advanced care, they'l do the same job, for, I guess would be 10 times less than US health monopolies are charging the US government now
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