Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now

Very Good! Very necessary! Let's do it, and keep doing it. Here is some additional points from my program:

1. Institute runoff presidential elections. and VOTE, for Dem or third party, preferably.

2. Cut military budget of $1 trillion a year - (plus additional money for occupation wars - - by 50% immediately.

3. Break up big oil companies, to what they were before recent monopolizing consolidation.

4. Break up big bailout banks to smaller, accountable, well regulated units.

5. Break up media corporations monopoly over TV and press.

5. Mandatory reinvesting of part of globalized corporations profits, lets say 75%, in America.

6. Mandatory space - 15% - of front page of all larger newspapers reserved for government communications. The same time - 15% - in TV stations.

7. Prohibit excessive, unbalanced(all about criminal, nothing about victims), violence glorifying crime overreporting. Regulate amount of ads.

8. Institute a range of salary for all companies, where the top salary cannot be higher than 100 times the lowest salary.

10. Raise minimum wage to $10 initially, with automatic inflation adjustments, for all but small businesses. This will help alleviate constant crime epidemic.

Petr Buben
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