Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neiwert: Right-wing hate worse than when Clinton was president

Right-wing hate worse than during Clinton presidency. ~But we have 9/11 controlled demolition now. 

My comment : 
It is true extreme right wing activity - conspiracy to subvert democratically elected president is alive, virulent, and getting racist and desperate. 
It is true that military, with their $1 trillion + a year budget, plus Cia etc hold enormous power.  

But today, we have 9/11 controlled demolition attacks conclusive evidence - so they better hurry to stir up something.  

Definitely, right wing conspirators tried to silence, to disable, democratically elected and popular American President Clinton. ........  

It's these methods they resort to, when votes do not get them elected - scandals, lawsuits, propaganda, personal attacks. This way, needed healthcare reform was sabotaged during Pres Clinton years. - http://friendfeed.com/news3 - http://friendfeed.com/BarackObama ... ............  

What else have we gotten from vast right wing conspiracy? .........  
9/11 controlled demolition attacks as pretext for wrong, very expensive, unnecessary wars, twice never lawfully elected administration, corrupted market $4.50 a gallon gas, totally bankrupted, collapsed financial and mortgage system.  

http://ae911truth.org - http://twitter.com/911news ............  

Industries, jobs exported abroad, extreme deficits, unemployment, economy on the brink of a depression. .......... http://friendfeed.com/PetrBuben

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