Friday, July 31, 2009

Health Care Deal Reached In House: Waxman

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To exclude from insurance people who need it, aka ill people, with preexisting conditions, or poor, equals to me to medical fascism, to discriminative physical elimination of a segment of population.

This should not be allowed, and is clearly violation of human rights and common morality.

It is very important to seize this moment for a real reform, the $0 cost Universal Single payer public-private national healthcare system. There is no Whitewater made up scandal to topple the American President, to stop this reform now.

1. Extend Medicare to everybody. Eliminate all tens of other government health sytems, like Veterans.

2. Redirect payments through employers to a single payer system. Stop employment based healthcare.

3. Supervise medical and pharma monopolies, to prevent outrageous price raises of 10-20% a year.

Apart from the choice of doctors , and parallel existence of any private plans:

1. Everybody must be covered, for the sake of equality, human rights, justice, and lowest costs.

2. Everybody will participate in this national plan.

3. Everybody will contribute, according to their means.

There is no other way to make it work.

This is all very easy, let's just do it.

Enough of 20% costs off $1 of healthcare costs to private insurance bureaucracies.

Enough of insure only healthy, and drop the poor, drop the sick, just to make profits!

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