Monday, July 20, 2009

Global Warming? Global temperature OSCILLATIONS. It will always happen. The Earth is a dynamic system.

There ALWAYS have been climate TEMPERATURE OSCILLATIONS on the Earth, and there always WILL BE ! ..

The MAIN factor is the intensity of the SUNSHINE... Are anthropogenic greenhouse gases contributing? Yes. Somewhat. BUT The Earth is a DYNAMIC system, it will find an answer, a new equilibrium, and it always DID...That is why Europe will experience cooling off. ..

The present climate temperature oscillations are quite normal, the period is rather cool .. NOW, or would you rather want global cooling, or freezing?? ... UPtick oscillation in global temperatures will cause TREMENDOUS amounts of so far uninhabitable land, mainly Canada and Russia, and pole regions, to be HABITABLE. ..

That will bring HUGE amounts of WEALTH, of minerals, of oil, of new living space, to humankind hopefully .... A Sibiera(c)(tm), a Canadiera(c)(tm) .. yes, a Riviera on the North ....... it'l benefit Friendfeed, and it'l benefit the humankind too ....

Is green energy desirable? YES, Definitely ..... - see HOW EASY it would be to cover WORLD energy needs by green renewable sources .. :]

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