Tuesday, June 16, 2009

medical care ripoff

Medical monopoly health bureaucracies are ripping off America - premiums "are rising 10-20% a year" . Solution - universal health care system - government supervised private enterprise - just like the rest of the world
why are premiums not falling, actually? .. because health bureaucracies are ruling, paying the government to steal on premiums ....not so with pres Obama, though ...... if this was a free market, prices might actually go down also......
"co-pays and deductibles go up, and you feel it in your paycheck - rising employer premiums are leaving less money for salaries. Medicare is on its way to financial disaster within a decade. And 46 million Americans are without health insurance."
...for one, allow competition - foreign doctors treatment, Mexican, Indian, whoever will care to come.... dentists, eye doctors - in all but the most advanced care, they'l do the same job, for, I guess would be 10 times less than US health monopolies are charging the US government now
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