Saturday, December 26, 2009


Internet is the beginning of a one, unified, world brain. One processing center, a repository of all knowledge and  authority.

By now, we are connected to the net via cables, or recently, wirelessly – wi-fi,  connecting our computers to the internet – to the  servers providing the requested content.

We in turn interface - connect to the computer via keyboard, mouse, screen, and lately also via speakers, microphone and camera.

Soon, with the scientific technological progress, we – our brains - will connect directly to the internet, wirelessly, via electromagnetic waves of our brains.

Internet wireless signals will be floating all around us in the air,  our brains being able to receive, communicate with and understand a cloud of internet around us.

We in fact, will become an integral part of this electromagnetic cloud of knowledge, of processing power, therefore, we will become part of a unified one world brain.

Computers- PCs, as a periphery and an interface between the central brain – the internet – and ourselves, will not be necessary anymore, as our brains are very powerful computers themselves.

Along this huge brain processing capacity, the internet – the servers it resides on - will evolve and embrace biotechnology, processing technology based on biological, chemical, living processors.

As we will become cyborgs, so computers will diversify into human, biological forms of processes.

Travel as teleportation
We, defined as very complex programs running in a very powerful processors – brains, we will be able to travel by downloading ourselves into different containers – bodies, brains, or any other device capable of sustaining, hosting, running processes in human brain - “ourselves”.

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