Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Common Sense 2009, Larry Flynt. one day strike. Let's reclaim the governement from corporations.

Mr. Larry!

Excellent post! Let's set a date for a one day national strike - ok !

Now what to do ...

1. Set up your website, organize community. I can do this for you too.

2. Apart from one day strike, lets organize -

A. Do not bank at the biggest bailout mega bonus fraud banks!
Do you, Larry? .. Where is your money? Put it in small, regional, independent American banks. Everybody, let's do this.

B.Let's vote third party. Ron Paul, or others. http://ronpaul.com

C. Let's not buy from bailed out companies - GM, for example, until they become proAmerican.

D. Let's force our government to invest, to support America.

E. Let's pass Universal Healthcare single payer public private system. The least expensive.

F. How is your position on 9/11 Controlled demolition?
http://ae911truth.org - http://stj911.org - http://911­blogger.co­m - http://911truth.org

Petr Buben


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