Friday, November 13, 2009

Health Care for All Americans

But of course! .. Yes Sir. ... Agree, definitely. ... If one whole world, developed nations, on this planet Earth, "can pull off a single payer" non-fraud national healthcare system, America can do it too, and will do it better than the rest of the world!

We do need Universal Single Payer Public-Private National Healthcare System. As a human right, as a best investment for the strength of the country and its competitiveness, as a crime epidemic prevention and abatement.

We need it NOW.

1. Stop payments via employers, or more exactly, redirect them to a Single Payer agency. This agency will be non-profit. Doctors, of course, will be for profit, but not a fraudulent overcharge extortion scheme as there is now.

2. Extend Medicare to all.

That was its original purpose too. Abolish Veterans Administration Healthcare System.

3. Everybody will be covered, and everybody will pay something. At all the times. NO preexisting condition corruption service denial. Private add-on plans will coexist.

The costs of this reform will be $0.00, the savings realized will accumulate huge.

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NO more 20 cents a dollar to a bureaucracy, no to 10-20% yearly cost increases, NO to criminal service denial when one needs it - when existing condition calls for medical attention.
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