Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Program for Obama Administration

To ,
1. Universal single payer health care system,just as the rest of the world. It'll be less expensive, support the economy and the country, and it wont violate human rights just as current "system" does. Have concurrently private plans also.

2. Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. No eastern push in Europe, no radar defense. Provide security and peace by mutual accords. Engage the region economically and politically, not with new weapons. Shut down Guantanamo immediately.

3. Cut the defence budget by 30%. Eliminate all waste, thus keeping USA the strongest country in the world. Immediately stop the torture practices.

4. Eliminate tremendous waste in Medicare system.

5. Prevent monopolies to corrupt the market , especially in the oil industry.

6. Deal with 911. Say what it really was - a controlled demolition.

7. Car industry - invest in this country, build factory and manufacture here, not in China.
Support the car industry, also redirect robbery profits from oil monopolies to car industry.

8. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security, once the latest war in foreign lands is over and situation settles. (the endles war of civilizations and occupations)

9. Completely reevaluate the relationship with Cuba - install normal relations, promote free enterprise and American interests while respecting the system. Let Cubans themselves decide the for, of government.

10. Paid maternity leave with the guarantee of the position for the returning parent, just as the rest of the developed world.
Petr Buben

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