Sunday, February 13, 2011

cia man spy chief autocrat Suleiman in power in Egypt. widespread celebrations in the streets, soldiers dancing. censorship. end Egypt poverty by endi

end Egypt poverty by ending corrupt fraud system.

How The Mubarak Family Made Its Billions - up to $70 billions

General Public 8 hours ago (11:11 PM)
Not really. Both are forms of stealing from the actual productive classes of society. It's just that some are legitimize­d by free-marke­t capitalist ideology and not considered "stealing" even though they really are. Bottom line: if you make billions of dollars, then however you managed to make that much money, it was stealing. Nobody is worth that much money, in terms of their marginal productivi­ty, their value to the economic system. People who make that much are just gaming the system, sometimes legally, sometimes illegally, but either way, "stealing" is the best word to describe it. I realize that a small percentage of billionair­es are actually left-of-ce­nter politicall­y like George Soros, but I still stand by what I said, that all billionair­es have engaged in "stealing"­... except for the ones who inherited their wealth from family members, and those people are even less worthy of having money than the people who actually have the intelligen­ce and skills to be able to steal that much money and get away with it. If you are CEO or top executive of a company and make that much money, the people you are stealing from are underpaid employees, shareholde­rs that don't get to do insider trading like you do, and customers you trick into paying at overpriced prices and/or buying shoddy goods or services, for starters. If you are leader of a country and make that much money, you are stealing from your own government and your own people.
PetrBuben 13 minutes ago (6:29 AM)
correct. if you make billions, that is because 1. your nation is getting poor, ready to explode, just like Egypt and others , 2. your employees are being paid close to minimum wage, but not a fair spread difference­. , 3. you export industries from your country to China, thus subverting your country and the democracy.

The world is being corrupted by ruling globalized elite.
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