Sunday, July 24, 2011

Embryos with mixed genes of animals and humans produced secretively in UK for past 3 years

committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

variety of hybrids created, including an animal egg fertilised by a human sperm; ‘cybrids’, in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell; and ‘chimeras’, in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos.

155 ‘admixed’ embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act

Three labs in the UK – at King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University

scientists were not concerned about human-animal hybrid embryos because by law these have to be destroyed within 14 days.

‘At every stage the justification from scientists has been: if only you allow us to do this, we will find cures for every illness known to mankind

Call for new rules to prevent lab animals being given human attributes, for example by injecting human stem cells into the brains of primates.

Human-animal hybrids are also created in other countries, many of which have little or no regulation

THIRTY embryos created for every baby born by IVF... and thousands are thrown away

Beware 'Planet of the Apes' experiments that could create sci-fi nightmare

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